Guide, Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats & Strategi LifeAfter #3

LifeAfter Guide

• Proses : Manually , Newbie Chapters

After building a residence, there will be 2 ways to continue the game. You can follow the newbie walkthrough quest guide or explore the world manually.

Newbie guide> Above the right side of your screen> click the newbie button, here you can accept the challenge given. To the left of the book page, you can check your gift. To the right of the book page, you can check the challenges that will be given.

You can also arrange for your final destination. For example, making weapons, armor, making your home stronger or maybe more attractive. In this mission, you will be required to collect materials. All of these ingredients can be found in the wilderness. Navigate to the material bench, gear workstation to find facilities or items that you can make.

• Wild nature

To travel to various islands, you can use a helicopter. When you are in a development zone, click the mini-map in the upper right corner. A red icon shows the location for a helicopter. Go there and open. A map window will appear on your screen, you can visit a number of areas provided. Select Pact Zone> Autumn Forest. You can open a new area by increasing your skill level gathering. Your skill gathering level will increase as you collect materials in the wild, such as Autumn Forest.

Click the proceed button to continue you to go there.
When you are there, click mini - map> click the + icon on the right side to enlarge it. On the left side, you can check the material or material available in the area. Note the icon and close the mini-map. Follow the small icon on the mini-map and get the material. For example: Food is designated as a green icon. Collect as much ingredients as possible.

When you are finished collecting materials, find the helicopter on the mini-map> red icon. Go there then use the stairs.
Note that you cannot go with infected items. After you climb the helicopter ladder, you will find a mailbox there. Try to interact and choose to send items (mail the items). After that, go to the house where you live, you will find a mailbox there, open and take back the item.

• Health, Hunger, Hp

In this LifeAfter game, your goal is to survive as long as possible, you are required to set the status of your character. Your character will die if you fail to set health, hunger and cellphone status.

Hunger - find food, or cooking items, explore a little you will find a place to cook. Consumption of food items.

HP - Use bandages to restore your cellphone.

Health - Keep your body warm, and from negative effects.

Decreasing your health status and hunger will directly affect your cellphone. When your cellphone reaches 0 then your character will die.

• How do you add Friends?

At the bottom of your screen, click the chat box> contacts table> look for the palayer name and add friends.

To create a party, click the flag menu on the top right on the screen. Click on the blank area for all.

• Skills Guide

Click the home button in the upper left corner of your screen. Click the abilities menu. There you can see the three abilities of your character, namely Gathering, Combat, and Craft.

Gather - To increase gather ablity level or abilty master gather, you need gathering skill points. You can get these skill points by collecting materials from the wild.

Combat - To master combat or raise levels of combat abilty, Hunting wild animals, zombies on mepata.

Craft - Make several items to get crafting skill points.

Click any ability, there you can get the skill details.