Guide, Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats & Strategi LifeAfter #1

NetEase Game's released its new games with the survival genre, LifeAfter.

Where in this LifeAfter games you will create a group from your friends or from other players to fight infections from zombies or attacks from other wild creatures. You are here obliged to fight and defend against every attack that will approach.

There will be many locations that you can explore, where there will be many missions and challenges that must be done. Where you have to build a house where you live and assemble items that are useful for your survival. Weapons, Armor, Beds, Toilets and even a few other items are a list that you must make.

In this discussion we will discuss walkthrough gameplay for beginners.


LifeAfter Tutorial, Guide, Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats & Strategi

After you make a character and adjust its appearance, you will be in an unknown place. There you will meet the first NPC in this game named Aleksey. He will guide you and give you some instructions and tutorials. After finishing the tutorial, Aleskey will be killed by an infected wild creature named Lozarov.

In the upper left corner of the screen, you will find the quest menu. You can check each mission that will be given to you. Your first mission is that you have to find equipment that is worth using. (usable gear).

All you have to do is move through the circle of luminous areas. There you will find a life detector. Open it, then move forward and take the bag that is there and then open the bag.

The second quest that will approach is that you use preban (bandage) to restore stamina. Press the medical kit box on your screen> then use the bandages. After that you have to speak to Aleksey NPC first to give a tutorial to you.

The next quest given and presented to you is that you have to collect material to make a machete. In the wilderness, you can collect a lot of materials such as ore, stone, wood, food, and others. In the first phase of the game, Stone / Wood / Food is a very useful material. You can collect stone / ore from rocks, and to collect wood from trees.

There are 2 types of weapons that you need to collect wood, ore and stone. These weapons are axes and belencong (pickaxe). To get wood you have to cut down the tree with an ax (ax), whereas to get the stone and ore you have to destroy the stone with belencong (pickaxe). both of these tools will be provided free of charge in this games tutorial.

Under the mini map, you can change weapons. To collect materials, move closer to wood or trees or targeted items> point to destination> press the ax button on your screen. Your character will automatically retrieve the ingredients. Besides that you can make some weapons how to press the make menu below the left of your screen> here you can make equipment, weapons, ammunition, even materials for your health.

• Dog / Ladder
After enough material is collected, talk to the NPC. After that, follow the dog to find a way to escape. The dog will guide you to a ladder. Find out about the stairs to Aleksey, this tutorial will teach you how to leave a folder by using a helicopter and back home. when you leave, the NPC will guide you to a cabin where you will meet the Zombies and Lazarov.

• Helicopter
Zombies and Lazarov will try to kill you. Here you must be able to get out of the cabin and follow Aleksin to find a vehicle to go. After that, you will find a collection of people with a helicopter. Aleksey will give you a Shotgun weapon, but it doesn't have ammunition. There is an ammunition box near the helicopter. Go there and refill your weapons ammunition. After that, you have to make a barricade. In the same location, there will be a chest that looks old. Open the chest and you will find the Barricade material.

Go to the Make> all> Barricade> Craft menu. When finished making, open your bag (bag)> select Barricade> gear, place the barricade in a circle or behind Aleksey.

When you are ready, zombies will come to you. Keep fighting with them until your team is ready to leave. Where Aleksey will repair the helicopter. Go towards the helicopter, after that, Lazarov and other creatures will attack your Helicopter.

• The safe place
The attack from Lazarov caused damage to your helicopter and all the characters fell on a river. After that happens, follow ALeksey, you will find somewhere. Here you will get basic tutorials about buildings. In this tutorial you will learn how to repair walls, build walls, doors, use workstation tools, build balconies, and much more.

The place has many facilities, bench material, weapon chest, gear workstation. Use the bench material to make the door. Gear workstations can help you to assemble a weapon. Weapon chest is used to refill your weapons ammunition.

After that, a bunch of zombies will approach and attack your place, their opponent, instantly, an airdrop will appear. Go to the airdrop and take all the ingredients in the airdrop.

• Lab
After you get the water-drop assistance, go talk to the NPC. Aleksey will guide you to a lab, where you will interact with several scientists. Investigate a little, after that, you will get a message box. Place it anywhere on the land area, then you choose leave a message. Place some material and leave a message> confirm. After that, you will fight against the zombies. In the next room, there is a cabinet. Find the cabinet, your dog is there, use your weapon to destroy the cabinet door and get an access card in the lab.

After successfully getting the access card, go to the exit, where it goes straight, to the right to the door of the lab cabin. After that you will escape. Find the radio and communicate with some support. When finished, you will get another airdrop. From this airdrop, you will get an AR weapon. Use these weapons to defeat Lazarov.

When you escape, you will enter the town hall. There you will interact with a number of NPCs such as Justin, Rachel, Bulk, and there are still others. Finally you will leave the town hall and enter the game "LIFEAFTER".

And here's your complete walkthrough to skip the tutorial.