Friends, Invite, Share Resources, Roommate LifeAfter

In LifeAfter there one feature of teamwork with your friends to live in this world.

You can make a team with your friends or maybe with other players to play together. You can live together in 1 house, share with each other, and there are still many things you can do in one team.

In the game LifeAfter many players try this feature, and find out the working mechanism of this friends feature. We will share some info about this.

• How to Invite Friends and Make a Team

The first thing you have to do is that you and your friends are already in friendship in the AfterLife game.

If you have not done so, to send friend requests to LifeAfter. In the chat box below your screen, click the chat box, after that you can click the contact table at the bottom right. Enter your friend's nickname in LifeAfter in the search box and click the search button. After that you can click the add button to send the request.

Before that you have to make sure that you and your friends play on the same server. In LifeAfter when you open this game, you will be given several server options, namely NA and SEA servers. If you play on the SEA servers at Charles Town, make sure your friends also play in the SEA Charles Town servers.

After your friend accepts a friend's request from you, you will see the name of your friend in your contact list. Click the My Friends menu> invite to join> Create. After that, where will you get a notification to accept your invitation.

• Share LifeAfter Resources

You can share ingredients that you collect such as wood, hemp, stone, berries, and much more with your friends.

How to share resources with your friends, you must be next to or near your friends. Click the location icon at the bottom of your screen near the chat box> click your friend's name> send the gift.

After you do this your friend will receive a notification, where there will be a choice to accept or not. When your friend accepts, you can choose the items you want to give and confrim.

• How to Invite Friend to Your Manor

Manor Invite is not a Roommate feature. The roommate feature with the Manor invite is different.

When you invite your friends to your manor, your friends will receive a choice of private visits via Helicopter.

To invite your friend to your manor, click the chat box at the bottom of your game screen then click the contact table. On your friends list, click on your friend's name and choose the initiate session. A display will open. Click the ⇑> grid tab> manor> visit time and send icon.

Now your friends will see the manor invite message.

• How to Invite Your Friends to Live Together & Function Roommate

This feature will work when you are in a camp. After you join a camp, you can invite your friends to live together in your manor. This function will also let your manor make goods or equipment using your material items.

How do you invite your friends to live together? Visit your manor located on the camp island. Close to the manor gate, you will find a manor controller. Interaction with that and choose manage. Click the info menu> click the + icon just below roommates and permissions. A menu will appear from your screen where you can see your friend's name. Temana you must be in your manor, otherwise you will not see your friend's name. Under your friend's name, you can check your friendship points. You must have at least 300 points or more for this feature.

• How to add friendship points to your friends

There are several ways to add friendship points to your friends.

► The First Way is that you create a team with your friends and play together, for example collecting materials, defeating enemies.

► The second way is that you go to your friend's manager, then interact with your home sign and give likes to your friend's manager.

► The third way is Stronghold battles

► The fourth way is to give process and lily baskets to your friends.