Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 1 LifeAfter #1

After Finished the tutorial LifeAfter, You can continue your game by following Newbie Quests in the LifeAfter game feature.

The Newbie Quests feature in this LifeAfter game actually has 5 chapters. In Newbie Quests this is actually very useful in your continued play. These Newbie Quests will teach you the basic features and aspects of this game. Completing these Newbie Quests will also give you a few prizes.

Chapter 1 : "Survival In The Wilderness" LifeAfter

• Fall Forest I
► Save your items

In this quest, you are required to store your belongings before you enter the wilderness (Wilderness). Why is that? Because in this game system there is a maximum slot limit on your bag, allowing you to not be able to retrieve the items you are looking for and find them in a full bag while in the wilderness.

If you don't have a cabinet, you can make a cabinet from a material bench. Bench material is obtained from the Develpment zone area or you can create it in a furniture store in a town hall.

► Use a Helicopter

Open the mini map on your games, find the red icon passageway on your folder. The icon shows the location of the helicopter. Go to the direction of the helicopter and then you can go to Autumn Forest.

► Collect Materials

In this mission you must collect several ingredients, namely Wood, and Stone, Hemp, and Berries. You just cut down trees to get wood and destroy rocks to get a stone. To get hemp and berries you have to pay attention to the mini-map. The mini-map will show the location of hemps and berries.
The location of the berries will be indicated by a green dot on the map screen, and the location of the hemp is indicated by the autumn leaf icon on the mini-map.

► Send material goods through Delivery Man

In this quest, you must send the items that you find in your search in this wild forest. For example, berries, wood, stone, hemp, or other items that you collected earlier. You can use the delivery man or postman service that you can find when you visit the helicopter area.

If you do not ship your goods, you cannot go home, because there are several features that require you to send all your collection before using a helicopter.

• Back Home

► Take the item you sent before

After completing all that is in Fall Forest it's time to go home. Close to your house, there will be a red mailbox. Go to the mailbox and accept all the items you sent earlier.

► It's time to cook with an oven

In this quest you have to cook a food dish. You can use berries as ingredients for cooking this time.
Berries can be found when you explore Autumn Forest.

If you don't have an Oven, you can make it in furniture maker stone.
The trick is you use the helicopter in DevZone and go to the Hope 101 location.
After arriving at the city you see the mini-map and notice the hammer icon. Go there and enter the maker furniture then make a household grill.

The material needed to make it you need wood and iron ore, which you can get from cutting down trees and destroying rocks. After you finish making it the system will send through your mailbox.

► Make a Small Cabinet

To make your small cabinet need a material bench, if you don't have a bench material you can go to the furniture maker in the city of Hope 101.

Before making your small cabinet you must have a wooden board that can be made from a material bench> workable tab.

If you already have a wooden board you can go to the existing furniture tab

► Make a Casual Jacket

To make a small cabinet you need a gear workstation, if you don't have a bench material you can go to the furniture maker in the city of Hope 101.
Before making the Casual Jacket you must have a rag that can be made from a gear workstation> armor making.

If you already have rag, you can go to the formula in the gear workstation.

► Small Cabinet

Keep all your items in the small cabinet that was made before.