Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter #3

Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter #3

• New Findings

► Expand Backpack

After you complete all the above missions on Farstar City quests you will get rewards which you can use to expand your backpack. Click the newbie quest menu on the right side of your screen to retrieve the reward. The items from this reward are enough for you to use.

After that, you can go back to your home and visit the Town Hall. When you are in Town Hall or the city of Hope 101, open the mini-map and watch for the armor icon. Go there it is an armor shop. Interaction with the NPC in the Armor Shop and choose expand the backpack.

► Make Repair Bench

To make Repair Bench you have to go to the furniture store which is located in the town hall location which is depicted with a pin on the mini map.

Enter the Furniture store and a funiture maker menu will appear on your screen.

Click the craft button and choose bench repair.

► Set Dog's Habits

Visit Town Hall or Hope 101. Find someone NPC named Matilda.
There is a way to speed you up. Open the mini map and see the target point quest.

Talk to Maltida then select pet attributes> select an attribute> setting.

► Take the Repair Bench that you made earlier

Return to your home, and take your Repair Bench from your mailbox. Then enter the house and place your bench repair inside your house. The trick is Build> furniture> bench repair.

► Open a New Recipe using the Oven

In this quest you will be required to open 6 recipes. Use an oven in your home to cook and open a new menu.

Move On

► Collect Mushrooms

You can collect mushrooms in Autumn Forest or maybe in Farstar City. Mushroom will appear when it is raining. Visit the green sign on the mini map where it indicates the location of food when it rains.

► Collect Hardwood In Farstar City

Visit Farstar City. You can get Hardwood Vines by cutting down trees but in the rain.

► Kill Infected

Kill all the zombies.

► Unlock Chest

Browse the map, then find the chests in the house in the map.

► Kill Infected.

Kill the wandering zombies again.

Here Are Tips For Chapter 2 LifeAfter Newbie Quests