Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter #2

Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter Part 2

After finishing quests chapter 2 lifeafter part 1, now you can go to part 2.

• Farstar City

As a Note Farstar City is located within the war zone. Here you have 2 options between peace mode or PVP mode. If you choose Peace Mode then the player cannot attack you, if you choose PVP mode then the player who chooses PVP mode can attack you and you can also attack the player who chooses PVP Mode.

But you also have to pay attention to the enemies around you. Enemies can be seen from the mini map that will appear with a red icon.

► Visit Farstar City

Use a helicopter in the Development zone> open> war zone> Farstar City.

► Collect Twigs

Cut trees in the Farstar City area and collect as many Twigs as possible.

► Unlock Chest

There are many houses in Farstar City. Explore the map and enter into the houses, you will find some chest.
To open the chest you need a master key.

► Kill Infected

Kill the zombies in the Farstar City area.

► Send the Twig that you collected before

After you finish collecting enough twig. now you have to go back to the helicopter location to send the items you collected earlier.

Pay attention to the mini-map, the location of the hellicopter will be divided into 2 colors in this map. If the mini map is green, the helicopter is in that location. If there is a gray map in the mini map, the helicopter will land to that location. So you have to wait a while.

Visit the location of the helicopter then point to the shipping drone then select ship.