Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 3 LifeAfter #1

Newbie Quests Chapter 3 New Journey will open after you complete Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Newbie Quests.

Previously our LifeAfter article discussed Chapter 2 Newbie Quests and Chapter 1 Newbie Quests, this time we will discuss for Newbie Quests Chapter 3 New Journey.

LifeAfter Chapter 3 : Reinforce Manor

• Quests 1.)
Reach all Level 10 Abilities. In this quest you are required to search your character's level of ability such as gathering, crafting, and combat. You must reach level 10. To reach the abilities level, you should complete the quest from the autumn forest and follow events to more quickly reach the abilities level.

• Quests 2.)
Upgrade Manor Level 3. To upgrade Manor Level 3, you need some material to upgrade manors such as wooden boards, brick, and pig iron.

You can get Wooden Board from making it on a bench> craft> workable material.

You can also get Brick from making it on the material bench. Material needed to make Brick, namely Stones, Bones, and Lime.

You can get stones from destroying stones.
You can get bones from hunting wild animals or zombies. You can get Lime from the Furniture Store. Read How to get Lime.

You can get Pig Iron from making it in the Gear Workstation.

• Quests 3.)
Making Livestock Cages / Livestock Pen. To make Livestock pen you can make it on the material bench. Livesctock pen is used to keep animals in your field.

You can keep pig, cow, sheep, etc. by buying it from a trader. You will get a Pig when you complete Chapter 2 Newbie Quests.

• Quests 4.)
Place Livestock Pen and Maintain 1 Pig. When your Livestock Pen is ready to be made, take it from the bench slot material that you made earlier. After that you can go to farmland. If there are stones or bushes, you can remove them by using gold bars. When you are on farmland, click the build> rear> livestock pen menu. Go to the livestock pen> raise. Pig produces meat, Cow produces Milk.

• Quests 5.)
Meet Jessica, Choose Your Professional Cert.
If you still don't get a Camp, you can go to Hope 101 city and go to the commerce bureau. This location is indicated by a sign (i) in the mini map. Go upstairs and in a room you will find Jessica. If you already have a Camp, you can find Jessica at Camp Hall.

Talk to Jessica and there you will be given the choice to choose your Proffesional Cert. 9 Options that will be given to you.
Read Guide Professional Cert.