Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 1 LifeAfter #3

After Finished the tutorial Fall Forest I and Fall Forest 2, You can continue your game by following Newbie Quests in the LifeAfter game feature

• Make Weapons

► Take the item you sent earlier.

When you arrive at home, you can check your mailbox to retrieve all the items that you sent earlier.

► Make Pig Iron

To make Pig Iron you need a Gear Workstation.

Go near the Gear Workstation, then you can make weapons from the craft menu> make weapons> workable> pig iron.

Don't forget to claim when you have finished making it

► Make Mondragon Rifle

Use the Gear Workstation to make this weapon, Craft> Make weapons> Mondragon Rifle.

► Make the Gunpowder / Crude Ammo Box

To make Gunpowder / Crude Ammo Box you need Geark Workstation.

To make your Gunpowder go to the gear workstation Craft> Workable> Gunpowder.

To make Crude AMmo Box you must go to Craft workstation> Make Weapons> Crude Ammo Box.

► Use Ammunition available to refill your weapons

Click the bag icon that is below the left of your game screen. Then select Crude Ammo box> Gear.
Set it out of the menu and place your ammo box.
Go to where your ammo box is located and select reload> Quick reload.

• Set Out Again

► Use Helicopter

Use a Helicopter in development zone and prepare to go to the autumn forest. Don't forget to bring the weapon you made earlier.

► Accept Quest

When you have arrived in the autumn forest. Open your mini map and watch for the house icon. Go there and there will be a quest board near the house. Go near the quest board then click view button> accept the quest.

► Resource Points

In this Lifeafter Quest, you must visit resource points. The trick is to open the mini map and visit the target points quest. There you will see a yellow hint above the object or animal and zombie.

How to check the target target point is Open the mini-map on the left side of your screen, there will be a target quest icon. when you find it, go to the quest target points.

► Kill Infected

Kill the zombies that are there with the weapons you have.

► Open the chest

Explore the map and find some chests. Usually you will find it around the helicopter area. But this does not require certainty.

Here are tips from us about LifeAfter Newbie Quest Chapter 1.