Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter #1

Chapter 2: "Survival Tips" Life After

After completing Chapter 1 Newbie QuestsNewbie Quests Chapter 2 will be opened. 

This time the we will discuss Newbie Quests Chapter 2. These Newbie Quests will give you some rewards that are useful for you. So our advice is that you should complete Newbie Quests in the LifeAfter game.

• Upgrade the Manor

► Upgrade Manor to level 2

In our article previously discussed for how to upgrade the manor, if you still don't see you can click here to learn how to upgrade the manor.

Read how to upgrade Manor in LifeAfter

► Make a Weapon Chest

To make your Weapon Chest you will need a material bench. To get the Bench material already discussed earlier in Chapter 1, if you have passed Chapter 1, you are sure to have a Bench Material for now.

Make a Weapon Chest from the Material Bench.

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► Open the Field

In the development zone in your home base there will be a farmland where there will be a choice of plants when you stand in the fields. Go there and clean all the useless things.

After that click the Plant option, then use the berry seed or use another seed that you have now. If you don't have a seed, you can search for seeds from the wilderness.

• Manor Intro
► Combining a variety of advanced gears and formulas furniture at the Fomula R & D Station.

In these Quests, you will combine formula shards. You will get Formula shards after you complete the Wuests Upgrade Manor. Open the newbie quest menu and take the gift. Then you can check your mailbox. The prize will be sent through your mailbox.

If you do not have Formula R & D Station facilities, you can go to the town hall or Hope 101. Then choose the maker store furniture menu> furniture maker> craft Formula Research Station.
After you make Formula R & D Station you can retrieve the item through your mailbox.

Go to the research station formula then choose the option use> formula comosition> fusion I> compose.

► Add Snapshot Manor

Get out of your house and find your Manor board. Interaction with the board then choose the message board option> snapshot add.

► Limestone

You can buy limestone from NPCs at funiture stores in Hope 101 or Townhall. Pay attention to the hammer symbol on the mini map when you arrive at the city.

► Make Brick & Enhancement

To make a Brick you need a Bench Material.

If you don't have a Maeterial Bench you can make it at Townhall at the NPC furniture maker.

Use the bench material to make a Brick. Go to the material bench then click workable> make.

To make Enhancements click the formula list> find enhancement> make.

► Reinforcement

Click the build menu when you are in the house. then select the enhance menu and select the enhancement that you created earlier, navigate to the wall, finally click the tick option to finish it.