Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 3 LifeAfter #4

LifeAfter Chapter 3 : Battle Upgrade

Previously our LifeAfter article Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 3 LifeAfter #3, this time we will discuss for Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 3 LifeAfter #4.

• Quests 1.)

Complete Resource Point in SandCastle

When you are at the SandCastle location, open your mini-map and find the home icon. the house icon shows the location of the shelter. Go there and enter the shelter called. There will be a quest board. Take the Resort Points in Sand Castle Quest. When you receive these quests, click on your mini-map, the system will automatically scan your map for resource points. In the screen a yellow sign will appear as the target points and a sign (i) as a primary. On the Quest target point (i) you are required to kill mercenaries. Use your UZI weapon to defeat them. After that search item on the body of the soldier. You must be fast before any other army will come to kill you. Keep your distance from the army.

If you fail to kill the soldier. you can wait for war robots. Every now and then, the war robot will invade and kill this mercenary group. When your target is killed, you can search his body.

• Quests 2.)

Defeat Rebel Mercenaries. Go to SandCastle. Open your mini-map and find the mercenary quests area. Go there and you will find mercenaries rebel while the patrol in the abandoned area. Kill them with your UZI weapon or your other weapon.

• Quests 3.)

Defeat Zombies. On Sandcastle, around the castle area, you will find many infected zombies. Kill 15 zombies with your weapon.

• Quests 4.)

Complete Miska University. In Miska University mode, you must ally with other players or with your camp member. In this mode you are required to save several NPCs. Some of them are inside the house, locked behind bookshelves, etc.

First, you have to kill several zombies and then you enter Miska University. From the Miska University location turn left and enter the room. Here you have to kill monsters in the room. Kill the elite monster and get the classroom key. Use the key to open a locked classroom and congratulate the NPC. The class room is located at the location of the monster.

After that you turn on the barrel, then visit the next quest target points and save the NPCs. At the end you will interact with a girl and get out of Miska.

For the record, you will face lots of zombies. You should provide plenty of ammunition, food, and bandages.

• Quests 5.)

Defeat Mystic Creatures in Autumn Forest
Mystic creatures will appear in the autumn forest and also in SandCastle. In these Quests you have to defeat Mystic creatures in Autumn Forest.

First you have to check whether the mystic creature has appeared or not? The method is at the top of your screen, click daily, then find the unknown creature (World Boss) event. When going on in the autumn forest, visit the autumn forest, open your mini-map> move to mystic creature point. There will be several players there. Use your weapon to damage the mustard. When the mystic creature is dead, approach the carcass and take your gift.

Extra Quests Chapter 3 LifeAfter StrongHold

• Quests 1.) Reach All Level 15 Abilities
• Quests 2.) Reach Manor Level 4
• Quests 3.) Participate in The Stronghold Battles.

Go to the Autumn Forest, and open a mini map, visit the stronghold battle location. Navigate to the board and start the battle. Make a team or participate in another team. In this quest you will bring the NPC to its destination. Kill the zombies and keep the NPC reaching its destination.

• Quests 4.)
Defeat Elite Infected. You will find this elite monster in the autumn forest. Open a mini-map and visit the Heavy Infected Area. You are advised to make a team, because this monster cannot be defeated alone. When successfully defeating the monster, go near the carcass and search his body.

• Quests 5.)
Complete the Miska University Mission.

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