Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 1 LifeAfter #2

After Finished the tutorial Fall Forest I, You can continue your game by following Newbie Quests in the LifeAfter game feature.

• Fall Forest II

► Go to Autumn Forest

Head to the helicopter that is in the develpoment zone and go to Autumn Forest's location.

► Make Arrows / Bandages.

On the lower left side of your game screen, there will be a Make menu, click the Make button then ammo> arrows. To make your arrows need wood and stone.

To make your bandages need Hemp, how do you click the make button> restore> bandages.

► Get Bones

Use the bow and arrows you made before to kill wild animals such as deers, bears, wolves or zombies.
You can get bones from killing them and approaching their bodies and clicking on their bodies.

► Collect Iron / Twig / Flint

Here you will have to collect Iron, Twig, and Flint. You can get twig from cutting down trees, but Twig isn't as easy as you get like wood.

You can get Iron and Flint from destroying rocks, but Flint is more rare.

► Send Twig / Iron Ore / Flint / Bone

After you collect the ingredients above with enough in the autumn forest. You can return to the helicopter location. You are required to send your items that you collected earlier through a delivery man. Send all these items including Bones, iron, tiwg, flint.