Cheat Tips and Tricks on How to Add Durability to a Weapon on the Lifeafter

Cheat Tips and Tricks on How to Add Durability to a Weapon on the Lifeafter

In LifeAfter games, use in a device will reduce durability in a piece of equipment that can cause loss of sturdiness / strength in the equipment.

Making a piece of equipment or weapons in a LifeAfter game will take quite a lot of time. Collecting materials from various locations, dealing with the elite zombies, you must have the ability to manage items when you travel to different locations.

But a weapon can help you defeat zombies and master hell game modes like Miska university, stronghold battles, etc.

It should be noted that the weapons you make and use do not last permanently. Every time you use it will lose the durability of the weapon.

Repairing is a way to cure durability in these weapons. But things you must know when you prepare a weapon. Sturdiness in a piece of equipment will decrease every time you prepare a piece of equipment. If Sturdiness on a device has reached 0, then the weapon cannot be used anymore and cannot be repaired either.

To restore Durability you are indeed required to prepare the equipment. If you do not prepare weapons, you cannot use these weapons.

We will provide some tips on other ways to add durability to a weapon :

Bed - Use the Quit Feature to add Durability to weapons

Because you cannot restore sturdiness to a weapon, you have a way to add durability to a piece of equipment / weapon. This will help you to extend the useful life of a device. Use the Quit feature so that the durability of your equipment such as weapons / armot will increase without losing sturdiness.

All you need to do is go to your home and to your bed, when you have interacted with the bed / bed then you will be given 2 choices, namely sleep and use.

Click on the Use option then select on the Quit Game menu. You use this feature, the system will automatically eject you from the game and your character will go offline and automatically go to sleep. In that case the Durability on your armor and weapons that you use at that time will increase.

This is a way that we recommend all of you to use this feature every day. This feature has a limit of durability that can be restored. After that the feature will not be reused in the same day, and will be repeated again the next day.

Avoid Overuse in Major Weapons

We recommend the use of primary weapons when needed as well as in hard quest conditions, patrol missions, etc. For normal missions or maybe hunting you can use ordinary weapons such as machete, bow, Mondragon rifle.

It sucks when you have to make a weapon from scratch. This is the mechanic of the LifeAfter game. In addition, there are limits for valuable items and rare items to be sent through the mailing service. Therefore you must take good care of all your equipment, do not use them for things that are not important.

Do not die

When your character dies and gives up, Durabilitty on your armor and weapons can be reduced, but this condition will not always occur. So our advice is that you must survive to live in whatever circumstances. Always provide bandages, torches, and also food in your bag.