5 Applications You Must Remove from Your Smartphone

Make it Slow, These Are the 5 Applications You Must Remove from Your Smartphone

Applications on smartphones of course can help users in undergoing a variety of daily activities.

However, it cannot be denied that the more applications on mobile phones, the faster the battery is drained, making it full of internal memory, and possibly dangerous for the security of your iPhone or Android.

Therefore, here are a number of applications that users must delete. Anything?

The following are 5 applications that are worth uninstalling.

1. Weather application

Based on reports from several cyber security experts, a number of weather applications on the Play Store and AppStore are known to contain dangerous viruses.

From the latest report, there is a weather application that steals people's credit card information when downloaded.

It is known, most devices are equipped with a default weather application that is better, than applications that are more dance and potentially threaten the security of users.

2. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter take up a lot of space in internal memory, and are often the main cause of smartphone batteries running out quickly.

To overcome this, you can consider removing Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter from a smartphone. After all, you can access all three via a browser on your PC / laptop.

3. Claimed Applications Can Save RAM

You need to know, applications that run on a smartphone background certainly consume RAM and battery capacity. Many suggest that to save RAM capacity, users need to install applications that can save RAM.

But in principle, this application that saves RAM actually closes the work processes of other applications. This is considered to aggravate the problem, because with the process of forced closure, various applications that run in the background actually have to restart the process.

In fact, to reopen the application, it takes space in RAM and also the battery. Therefore, third-party applications that claim to be RAM savers are actually not needed and are better removed from Android.

4. Antivirus application

Actually, Android and iOS smartphones already have their own security systems. For example for protection from loss, you can just use the Android Device Manager without the need for additional applications.

Meanwhile, if the application contains malware, Google will check it automatically on the Play Store. Therefore, the antivirus application is actually only useful if you often download applications whose source is not from the Play Store (in the form of an APK file).

5. Smartphone Cleaning Application

Smartphone cleaning applications like Clean Master and others are widely used by users to improve their Android performance.

It's true, after you delete an application, it sometimes still caches data in the cache. But you don't need to download a smartphone cleaning application.

How to clean up the data that is left behind is quite easy, you only need to open the "Settings" menu then select the "Storage" menu and select "Clear cache" and OK to clean the data that is not important.

In addition, you can also delete the cache of each application by going to "Settings", then "Apps" and then "Downloading" and taping one of the applications, then on the next page, you just select "Clear Cache".